Why Some Kids are No Longer Thriving in Traditional Schools

Parents expect their kids to learn while attending school. They pick the best school near their home in hopes of giving their kids the chance to excel academically. Some would even spend thousands of dollars just to get their kids to the best educational institution. But then, the pandemic came. While some students were having a hard time focusing on their studies, others are surprisingly thriving more while learning from home.

For some parents and teachers, this came as a shock considering most kids are used to the traditional way of teaching. But then, the kids who used to be hyperactive, shy, or even those who are highly creative are actually doing better now. They actually have better grades, they seem to be happier, and even found peace of mind from not having an in-person experience.

Why Some Kids Are Thriving During Non-traditional Learning

There can be different reasons why kids during these COVID-19 days are actually doing better while learning from home. Exploring the possible reasons can help the children and their parents what the next step will be. One can either continue enrolling the kids in their traditional school after the pandemic or consider changing their route and embracing non-traditional learning.

The top two reasons why some kids now excel in non-traditional learning as the following.

Kids Taking Better Ownership of Their Time

One reason why some kids are doing better while learning from home is the fact that they now have better autonomy. Before, kids have to wake up extra early just to prepare themselves for school. Don’t forget that some of them have to travel a few minutes and walk a few distances just to get to school and in between their classrooms.

Now that they are learning at home, all the extra time needed to prepare is gone. Only needs a few minutes just to prepare themselves for school. They can take breaks any time they want, work on projects individually and at their own pace, and even structure their day without the school micromanaging their time.

Kids Have Less Social Distractions

School can be hard especially for some kids. All the social interactions make them anxious. Add the fact that sometimes, kids have to do extra socializing just to get additional points from extracurricular activities.

When some kids started learning from home, the surprising shift made them more confident, focused, and committed.  They no longer have hundreds of social interactions to worry about. They were finally able to separate themselves from everyday social distractions and focus on their studies.

What Parents and Their Kids are Thinking About Non-Traditional Learning

Some parents are not keen on the idea of allowing their kids to continue learning from home once it is safe for their children to go back to traditional school. They want their kids to experience real-life at school and not to miss out on once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, like prom. They want their kids to continue learning in traditional classrooms instead of getting all cooped up inside the house.

For other parents with kids thriving at remote learning, they are thinking about making the switch. Some parents already talked to their kids about switching to pure remote learning. Others now plan on homeschooling their kids, believing they can better educate kids at their own pace at home.

Education is one thing no parent should ever take for granted. Before you decide to keep your kids in a traditional school or before you even make the switch, there are many factors you need to consider first. For one, you need to make sure the kids are on board with whatever decision you make.

Remember that they are the ones learning and the ones who will make the necessary adjustments. There is also a need to discover the real reasons why the kids are now thriving when most children are having a difficult time coping with remote learning or even homeschooling. Knowing what your kids want and need in terms of their learning will give you a better idea of how to provide for their learning needs.

Your might kids might be having trouble with other kids at school. Sometimes, the best way to cope is to transfer the child to another school. If not, they can always seek help from a tuition agency.

Children have different learning styles. Some can work on their tasks even with the numerous distractions found at school. Some like learning on their own with very minimal social distractions. Many things can explain while certain students are now doing better while they attend non-traditional ways of learning.

Thankfully, educators answered to the call to provide tailored education that will the students’ needs. Now, parents and their children have different options that will enable them to choose which type of learning would best suit the kids’ needs.student having online class

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