It’s not surprising that you’re experiencing job burnout. The new normal changed your routine from enduring the 7 A.M. traffic to figuring out how to attend a Zoom meeting. Factor in the uncertainties brought about by the global health crisis, and it was just a matter of time before you fell into a mental and emotional slump.

Recovering from job burnout can be tricky, and it often takes too long. However, with the demands of remote work coupled with child-rearing or other obligations, you’ll have to get back in top shape as soon as possible. But how do you do that when you can’t go on a vacation because of the pandemic?

Regain a Sense of Control

The feeling of powerlessness that comes with job burnout can be overwhelming. You’ll feel as though too many things are happening all at once, and you’re not sure how to handle them. Most of these things can be out of your control, like health protocols and social restrictions. There are also changes in your work that you haven’t fully adjusted to, such as remote working software and online timekeepers.

Your best course of action is to get a better grip on the things you can control. Daily routines are one of them, as well as relaxation methods, nutrition, and exercise. These may seem like trivial things, but they play a big part in keeping you healthy. Sometimes, it’s the small details in your life that, when handled well, will give you a better sense of control over your life.

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Pursue Your Passion

The repetitive nature of most jobs and the monotonous tone of the corporate scene can make you lose sight of your motivations. This is why balance is important to every professional. If you’re haunted by the feeling that you’re going in a loop with your life, it’s time to step back and do more of the things you love.

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to further your education but couldn’t due to time constraints. While a pandemic is far from desirable, it did come with a few silver linings. The opportunity to take your master’s degree online is a prime example. A virtual learning experience means you won’t have to rush from one place to another in lightning speed. Nor do you have to figure out where to squeeze it in your impossibly tight schedule. You can earn your degree from the comfort of your home for cheaper costs too.

The same applies to other passions you may want to revive. Were you a painter? A piano lover? Perhaps you’re invigorated by concerts. Go ahead and attend one. You’re only a few clicks away from the rest of the world.

Create Boundaries

One of the greatest struggles professionals face with a remote work setup is creating boundaries. Work used to be from 9 to 5, but now you find yourself up at 4 A.M. finishing yesterday’s tasks, and you always have that nagging feeling that you could be doing more work. When you don’t stick to a schedule and respect it, you set yourself up for job burnout.

If you’re working on flexible hours, sticking to a routine and honoring it will spare you from working more hours than what’s healthy. Create boundaries at home between your work life and your personal life. What’s the use of working for twelve hours straight if you’re unproductive anyway, right?

Job Burnout Is Real

The majority of professionals suffer from job burnout at least once in their lives. It’s especially common for those who haven’t established a means for self-care at work. Acknowledge that this is a real issue, and solve it with the patience and kindness you deserve.

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