What to Do During the First Day of Daycare

Is your kid finally at that age wherein they can be enrolled in a daycare center? As a parent, this is surely exciting for you but to your kid, this might be jarring.

Kids, especially toddlers, usually do not respond to change that positively, especially since they are dependent on you at this stage. It is a major transition for them, which is why you should take it easy and follow these steps to make sure your kid will have fun at the daycare in Salt Lake City.

Bring Them for a Visit Before the First Day

Bring them in for a visit to the daycare center before the actual first day. Introduce them to the teachers and make sure that you familiarize them with the place. Stay for a couple of hours and tour them around.

Talk to them and tell them what they will be experiencing for the next couple of days. Tell them stories and have the teachers interact with them. It might not seem like they would understand, but they will definitely do, as long as you properly introduce them to the thought of it.

Give Them Independence

Months before your child starts daycare, make sure to practice independence when it comes to your child. Have them do a couple of things that they can already do such as getting their own toys and putting them back in the bin. You can even teach them to eat on their own; just make sure to assist them if they need it.

Practicing independence will help your child become accustomed to their life at the daycare. The teachers will also be forever grateful to you, too, as they would not have to assist your kid in whatever they do.

Hype Them Up

Kids easily get excited, and one way to hype them up for daycare is to talk about it all the time. Read a couple of cute and happy stories to them regarding daycare. You can even watch videos with them and explain how things work at the daycare.

Remind them of the time that you both visited the daycare and ask them what their favorite part of it was. Always talk to them about it and remind them how happy they were when they first visited the place.

Pack the Proper Items

packed lunch

Prepare their bag days before starting daycare. Grab a couple of comfortable clothes and pack those in a bag so the teacher can give them an outfit change whenever spillages or other minor accidents happen.

If your toddler still uses a diaper or milk bottles for feeding, then pack those as well. Food is also a must, especially if your child eats solid types of food already. Let the teacher know about their habits and needs so your child will be completely comfortable at the daycare.

Familiarization and introduction are some of the most important things that you should remember when it comes to daycare. Good luck and may your kid enjoy his daycare days!

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