Unconventional Ways to Inspire Creativity in the Classroom

In a 2017 research, it was discovered that students were more creative in activities outside school. One potential reason for this so-called creativity gap is the structure and restrictions in schools. To beat this gap, teachers are encouraged to create a more laid-back learning environment where students are inspired to express themselves, think outside of the box, and explore their passions. Here are some unconventional ways to challenge your students and let their creative juices flow:

Use Da Vinci Notebooks

In an article published on the Psych Learning Curve website, a primary teacher shared how using “Da Vinci” notebooks sparked the creativity of both the students and the teachers at their school. For context, Da Vinci was known for filling over 7,000 notebook pages with sketches, questions, observations, and more.

In this case, the idea of the Da Vinci notebook was rather simple: students keep a notebook in which they can log their creative exercises and explore their personal passions. Whenever interesting topics or questions were raised during class, the children would write it down. By the end of the year, the teacher was astonished to discover brilliant sketches, thought-provoking poems, and insightful observations, among many other fascinating outputs created by her students.

By doing this simple exercise, your students can have an outlet where they can log and explore notions beyond the limits of their academic subjects. At the end of the school year, you’ll be surprised to see how far their imaginations could reach.

Publish a Class Book

teacher and students

Most children have incredible and fascinating stories to tell. If you’ve got young writers or artists in your class, encourage them to further explore their passion by publishing a collection of their stories and sketches.

It’s a great way to let their imaginations run wild, promote collaboration in the classroom, and build the self-esteem of your future published authors. Writing a book will also elevate their pride and enhance their creativity at a young age, and will help create a memory that they will bring into adulthood.

Do you know there’s a company that will publish your children’s books for free? All you have to do is order a kit, let your students fill the pages, and they’ll send your deluxe hardcover books at absolutely no cost to you, the teacher.

Film a Video Diary

When video blogs are all the buzz on social media today, teachers and parents must learn to adopt these trends. One great way to spark creativity in the classroom is to film a video diary. It doesn’t have to be complicated.

You can begin by asking your students to share their observations or thoughts every week and then watch the video at the end of the semester. Also, ask your students to work in pairs or teams to encourage collaboration. Ask them to role-play or let them get creative in their own ways—the sky’s the limit.

Filming a video diary will help them look back in retrospection at their learnings throughout the year. It’s a good way to embrace their generation and send the message that they’re free to explore their hobbies while inside the classroom.

Learning shouldn’t be structured and doesn’t have to be full of restrictions. By trying out these unconventional ways to spark creativity in the classroom, you’re making learning more fun for the young ones.

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