How to Keep Children Learning Amid the Covid-19 Crisis

Multiple industries have taken a toll on this pandemic because of the limited movement allowed outdoors. With businesses, companies, and public transport shutting down, it’s rather evident that the world today is getting quite difficult to live in. One major industry that took a blow because of Covid-19 is education.

Because of the close proximity of students in classrooms, schools were forced to shut down as they are unable to develop a solution to this problem. On the other hand, some educational institutions tried virtual learning to continue their processes. However, this still brought forth plenty of challenges for teachers and parents alike.

The question now is this: Is there a way for parents to help their children learn amid the Covid-19 pandemic? This article is our attempt to answer this.

Continuing Your Child’s Education

If you want the short answer, yes. You can help continue your child’s education. However, it doesn’t end with that. Parents need to know what they can do to keep their children learning. Below are some methods that you can develop:

Dedicate Your Time

Arguably the most difficult component in continuing your child’s education is the schedule. We understand that parents need to keep going to work in order to earn a steady income and provide for the family. On the other hand, children also need the guidance of their parents whether they’re studying on their own or taking virtual classes. It will definitely be a challenge, but make sure that you have time for your children’s education. This is the ultimate solution to guarantee that they keep on learning.

Develop a Routine

Building up on what we’ve mentioned above, it would be extremely helpful if you and your children can develop a routine. Education in school is built on a specific time frame, and having a schedule to follow with your child will not just develop discipline but time management as well. This will also be beneficial to you because you get to schedule your work and duties as a parent.

Online Education

online class

On the other hand, we also understand that there might be a few times that you will not be able to assist your child because, by the time you get home, your child might already be resting. While we do encourage parents to take the time to teach their children, always know that you can always ask for help if you can’t handle it alone. You can enroll your child in an online enrichment program to guarantee that they get to improve their cognitive skills while also developing holistically. Programs such as this ensure that your child is engaged and finishes the course with the capacity to master different concepts or ideas.

Since there’s not a certain date as to when schools will be back in operation, and there’s even more uncertainty that surrounds the safety of your child once they go back to school, taking virtual classes is the best solution you could take to keep them learning.

Online Security

Aside from online education and virtual classes, there are also lots of other tools and websites that you could try to further your child’s learning. However, you may also want to keep in mind that cyber threats have become prominent now more than ever. As most of us had to stay at home and use our handheld devices and the internet to conduct our daily tasks, cybercriminals have also improved their schemes to find victims online. You need to guarantee that your child is safe from these threats. While there are many federal and state laws that aim to protect children from online threats, being stricter with them about the use of their devices would also be beneficial.


We all learn at different speeds, and this is one of the problems that are often faced by children in school. Some of these kids excel at certain subjects or topics, while others find it challenging. This means that they have to try harder to keep up with the lessons and the speed of their classmates. You can take this opportunity to make a learning plan that is specialized for your child. You can adjust the speed of their lessons depending on how they comprehend each topic. There’s nothing wrong with starting slow and taking quick breaks after an hour or so to ensure that they don’t feel pressured.

Covid-19 has brought detrimental effects to our society and individual lives. While the battle is probably far from over, it’s time that we take a stand and figure out how to keep living our normal lives. For our children, continuing their education is essential. Make sure that you find ways on how you can help them with their studies.

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