Eating Right; Nutritional Therapy Keeping You Healthy

Whether you’re looking into weight loss or managing an illness, nutritional therapy is something worth exploring. Medical nutrition therapy can offer a lot of benefits for anyone who is looking to become healthier.

Weight Loss

Either for health or fitness reasons, weight loss has become somewhat of a trend in recent times. According to research done by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 49.1 percent of US adults tried to lose weight between 2013 and 2016. With half of the population trying to lose weight, it is increasingly important to learn to do it the right way.

Aside from important physical activity, proper diet is also a key factor in losing weight. Medical nutrition therapy examines your specific case and endorses a diet that fits into your weight goals. This is also true if you are interested in gaining weight.


The particular dietary demands of different sports, for different athletes, is a complex study, one that can benefit greatly from the help of medical nutrition therapy. Depending on the sport and the particular season, athletes may need to increase or decrease their weight. Oftentimes, these weight change targets are also accompanied by deadlines. Because of this, a diet that is both streamlined and nutritionally-complete is the best way to go.

As an example, a Gatorade Sports Science Institute study found that basketball players need to regularly consume leucine-rich proteins like milk, whey, eggs, and meat, in order to increase muscle mass and strength throughout an entire basketball seaso


In a recent report released by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), one in every three children who are born unto mothers lacking nutrition is stunted. 

Diet for oneself can be a complicated endeavor because of the different nutritional requirements of each person. Imagine multiplying that complexity by two. That’s how it is for pregnant women. They have a lot of things to consider, especially since the other person they are feeding can be a little picky. They have to make sure that despite their cravings, they still get the right amount of nutrition for both themselves and their babies. In this case, medical nutrition therapy is a no-brainer. Pregnant women consult with dietitians and nutrition professionals to guide their food decisions and ensure a problem-free pregnancy and a healthy baby.

Chronic Disease

Various chronic diseases and conditions have a range of food restrictions and requirements. Religiously following these food guidelines prevents further complications and even encourage better treatment reception. Like medication and physical activity, medical nutrition therapy can be considered a cornerstone in managing chronic diseases like hypertension and diabetes.

There is so much to learn about how medical nutrition therapy can help you in achieving your health goals. Aside from the different situations where medical nutrition therapy is necessary, it can help you stay healthy in general as well. Consider consulting a dietitian or a nutrition professional to find out your ideal diet. You can also undergo nutritional therapist training to have a deeper understanding of the subject. Because of the rising demand for it, nutritional therapy is a growing and increasingly lucrative business.

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