Tony Robbins, SEO, and Becoming a Thought Leader

When you’re a thought leader, you can tell another person to do something, and he will. That may sound rather absurd but it’s true. Tony Robbins is one such a thought leader. He may not have had any college at all and according to his wiki has worked as a janitor. And yet today, Tony commands an audience as elite as you want it to be. We’re talking about being a success whisperer to four US Presidents and working with top personalities such as Serena Williams,  Usher, and Pitbull. And as for walking on fire, Tony indeed has one training that lets attendees walk on hot coals.

But even the great Tony Robbins use search engine optimization or SEO. In an increasingly digital world, not letting SEO guide your business can be a disaster in the making. For one, many think that the virus has only led to the faster adaption of digital by the masses. And it’s definitely true. People have relied on the internet now more than ever. But the question is are they searching for a business like yours? Experts detail that although the search has spiked during the pandemic, it’s a lopsided story. Most searches have centered on health and the news.

That only show you that letting SEO lead the way can go a long way in helping you move a step closer to becoming a thought leader in your industry. Here’s how.

Keyword Research

using Google

If you’re new to SEO, keyword research is one of those key phrases that could help you attain thought leadership. Simply put, it gives you the search terms that allow your website to rank for. Search terms are the words anyone uses to Google anything. Of course, you can find the Google search box you find in just about any smartphone and web browser (e.g., Chrome, Safari).

Plus, keyword research will tell you what are other terms thought leaders in your industry are using. In short, it will tell you what are keywords you should put more attention to.

Keyword research shows you what your audience is all about. It lets you in on what’s are the desires and predilections of your audience. When you know what questions are in the mind of your audience, you are in a better position to be a subject matter expert in your industry.

It’s like courting with advanced information. When you know right from the start that the girl you’re courting likes history, then becoming an expert on history can definitely win you points. When your audience search for insights and they find you offering the best there is once they hit Google, then you’re on your way to becoming a thought leader in your industry.

Take note that everything rises and falls with leadership in the corporate world. It’s no accident a suitable corporate leadership development program is a sought-after tool to improve the branding and overall productivity of any business.

Content Optimization

It may sound like a very technical word and it is. But content optimization is ensuring your content appeals to your audience most. There are many ways to do that. Many of the things that can help make your content relevant can be very technical: things like meta-title and SEO page title.

But content optimization is also key to establishing you as a thought leader. If the content you’re making isn’t actually ranking well, you’re more likely than not to be perceived as not being relevant to your audience. And that means you may not be perceived as an expert in your field.

On the other side of the fence, if your content is well-optimized and it shows up on top of the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages), then you’ve clearly established yourself. You may find SERPs to be confusing. That usually is the case for the uninitiated. But actually, you’ve seen SERPs for years now. It’s the resulting pages that come out after you hit the Enter button in Google.

Link Building

Link building is another SEO tool that could help establish you as a foremost thought leader. Simply put, it is the process of getting hyperlinks from another site pointing back to your website. Think of these backlinks as votes.

Indeed, a backlink is a vote of confidence. When another website refers to your website, it means that website finds your website helpful. That website can be a friend of yours. Indeed, that’s possible that a businessman friend of yours wants to give you his approval of your business. And that’s alright.

But if a thousand websites are referring to your website, that’s another thing. It’s showing everyone that an army of people out there is confident in your business. That they see your brand as a most reliable one. When that happens, Google will pluck your website from the rank and file and designate it as an authority website. In the process, you become what you set out for: a thought leader by all accounts. And with Tony Robbins in his 60s now, you could be the thought leader everyone is waiting for.

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