A Guide to Using the Phrase “As Per”

When people write business letters and other formal documents, they sometimes use the word “as per” in one of the sentences.  Many, however, look at this phrase as wordy and pompous. If you’re looking to hone your business or technical writing skills, you’ll want to use better words. This entails substituting the phrases “as per” and even “as per usual” with other terms.

Before we get to the synonyms of “as per,” let’s take a look at what this phrase means, determine if it’s grammatically correct and look at some examples.

What Does “As Per” Mean?

As per your request, also known as APYR, is a slang commonly used online. Source: Diamonddivadesign.com

This adverbial phrase simply means “according to.” When you’re citing something or someone, you can use “as per.” When you add the words “your request,” the phrase becomes APYR, the internet slang for “as per your request.”

Careful writers typically avoid using “as per” because of the adverbial phrase’s jargonistic tone. They argue that using according to or in accordance with sounds more natural than “as per.”

Is Using “As Per” Grammatically Correct?

The phrase “as per” is redundant.

“Per,” minus the word “as,” communicates the same meaning. There are even some cases wherein you can drop the word “as.” This is especially true with the everyday phrase “as per usual.”

Does this automatically mean that you should stop using “as per” the same way you’d stop using “bare with me?” The answer is not necessarily.

The choice of using “per” or “as per” is entirely a matter of taste, just like comradery and camaraderie. An article from Grammarist found that “as per” is especially common in Indian publications. The reason may be due to Indian English descending primarily from the language of Colonial Service Administrators who were fond of such jargon.

What’s more, you’ll find people using the more ponderous “as per” in legal or business prose. You can also find this adverbial phrase in writing that tries to adopt a formal tone.

Setting the record straight, the words “as per” is not incorrect to use.

Some, however, just find this phrase overly legalistic and decide to avoid it for this particular reason. Just like in many matters of diction, the tonal requirements of a particular passage should guide your word or phrase choice.

How Do You Use “As Per” in a Sentence?

Now that you know the meaning of “as per,” let’s now see how to use this phrase in a sentence. Here are some examples:

  • Cook the spaghetti in a pan of salted water as per the directions on the container.
  • These treatments are as per the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
  • Lunch, as per her request, consisted of lobster risotto and beef wellington.
  • Please don’t forget to tuck the kids in bed and say good night to them as per our agreement.
  • As per the latest research, people can use bamboo to build doors and windows.

Alternative Words: What Can I Use Instead of “As Per?”

If you want to improve your writing, you’ll want to avoid using “as per” and opt for other synonyms instead. Just make sure that your word or phrase choice will not change the meaning of the sentence.

Here are a few synonyms along with sentences to help you use these phrases correctly:

According to

  • According to the latest census, individuals residing in the northwestern part of the country look after sick relatives, live out of wedlock and are in poor health.
  • I’m confident that you can tailor a sweater according to the size of the cloth I’ve given you.
  • The lighting in warm yellow, blue and red set the mood according to the emotion depicted.

In Line With

  • She loves black shoes, in line with her no-nonsense kind of image.
  • These food products have gone through stringent quality controls in line with the recent health regulations.
  • Businesses have the option to recompense their senior workers as they see fit, in line with what the companies perceive as the going rate for the jobs these employees do.

As Claimed By

  • You don’t need to modify your diet, as claimed by some lifestyle gurus.
  • Friends whispered that his death last year was not natural, as claimed by the family.
  • Superfoods will not increase your lifespan, as claimed by some advertisers and marketers.

Bonus Guide: What Can I Use Instead of “As Per Usual”?

Source: Imgflip

You can drop the word “per” and just go with “as usual.”

You can also drop the word “as” and just use “per usual.” If you want other examples, do check out these other synonyms (along with one example sentence) that you may use to replace “as per usual”:

  • Normally – Ladies and gentlemen, the appropriate personnel is in close communications with the parties responsible for the security and operation of the airport. We have received word that the airport is operating normally.
  • Typically – Typically, the product release includes a limited and a regular edition.
  • Often – The people who lose out on this deal are often the poor.

The phrase “as per” isn’t grammatically correct. It is, however, redundant and overly legalistic. Consider using other words or phrases if you want to sound a bit less stiff or formal in your communications.

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