7 Most Productive Tools for Teachers and Students in 2023

7 Most Productive Tools for Teachers and Students in 2023

The need for and use of technology in education is growing at a rapid rate. The use of assistive tools by both students and teachers has considerably increased over recent years. Their ability to enhance task efficiency is among the myriad of reasons for their popularity. 

So, how can you utilize these benefits? In this post, we have put together a list of tools that can enhance the productivity of students and also teachers. So, if you want to ameliorate your studying or teaching methods, stay tuned.

Introduction to Productivity Tools

Prior to the list of tools, we thought it best to introduce you to the basic functionality of these tools. What do these tools do? In summary, they speed up your work and consequently enhance productivity. But how they do so is of actual importance.

Here are examples of a few purposes for which these tools are used:

  • Note-taking
  • Written assignment optimization
  • Mathematical calculations
  • Task scheduling
  • Online lecture-taking

Our list of tools will cover utilities that can perform all these tasks and more. 

7 Productivity Tools for Teachers and Students

Given in the following are hand-picked tools to help you boost your academic performance or teaching skills.

  • ChatGPT

You might have already heard about Chat GPT, as it is being discussed all over the internet right now. It is a chatbot that can generate logical responses to a prompt that is given in a natural language.  

This tool can be used variously for educational purposes. Students can get all kinds of data from this tool. Similarly, it can also act as a writing assistant for their written assignments. 

As far as teachers are concerned, this tool is still useful. Teachers can gather valuable study material from Chat GPT. 

  • Image to Text

Image to text is an OCR-powered text extractor. It can help you retrieve text from valuable images and transform it into a modifiable format. This extracted text can be selected, copied, and changed.  

To understand the purpose of this tool for students, let’s tell you about a use case. Let’s suppose that you wrote down a whole lecture in your notepad. However, now for some reason, you need a digital copy for it. Image-to-text can do this for you in seconds.

Similarly, if you are a teacher, you can use this tool to convert your handwritten content into tests or exams. 

  • Online Notepad

Online Notepad is a word processor that can be used to create optimized written documents. It has applications for both students and teachers, as both of them are often required to perform written tasks.

As a student, you can use this tool to compose your written assignments such as essays, research papers, case studies, and much more.

Once again, for teachers, this tool can be used to compose exams and tests. The bulleting and heading options allow teachers to give a proper format to their test. 

  • Plagiarism Checker by Prepostseo

The plagiarism checker can detect copied content in a written document. So, if something written on a source on the internet is also written in your work, it will get detected. That’s why this plagiarism checker can be used to know if something is original or not. 

Students can use this tool to know if their assignments got unintentionally plagiarized. This can happen quite often because of the myriad of information on the internet.

On the other hand, students who plagiarize on purpose can be caught with this tool. In this way, it is helpful to teachers as well.

  • Calculator School

Math is a diverse subject that has various branches, such as algebra, calculus, trigonometry, and much more. The types of calculation in all these branches are different. However, the standard calculator is more or less the same for everyone.

Calculator School has changed that by introducing specific calculators for specific tasks. Moreover, it is not limited to just mathematical calculations. Things like chemical value conversions and medical measurements can also be done with the help of this tool.

Both students and teachers can use this to save time.

  • Google Classroom

If you have experienced the COVID situation as a student or a teacher, you might already be familiar with the concept of online classes. Google Classrooms takes online education to a new level. 

Teachers can create highly personalized lectures and schedules with this tool. Similarly, teachers can conduct exams online without a problem. A plagiarism checker is available to prevent students from cheating.

In contrast, students get a simple interface and can perform all assigned tasks with ease. Every student gets a different profile that the teacher reviews and educates the student accordingly. 

  • Quizlet

Quizlet is a tool that is centered on assisting students rather than teachers. But still, it is beneficial to both. Students can utilize this tool to prepare for tests and exams. This platform has a wide community that helps each other in study-related tasks. 

You can ask questions from other people on this platform. Similarly, you can access a bunch of books and useful resources to study or prepare for a test. 

Teachers can also make use of this by using the innumerable resources on this platform to teach. Similarly, teachers can ask students to take practice tests on Quizlet. 


student listening to his teacher
Photo by college.library via Flickr Creative Commons

Being productive is generally considered an admirable quality. However, its importance is even higher for teachers and students. Providing and consuming large quantities of information is not an easy task. That’s why we have provided a few tools that can help you in increasing productivity levels and streamline the way in which you work.  

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