15 Fun Things Kids Can Do During Spring Break

Worried about spring break because your children might complain about boredom the entire time? Here are some fun things you can do with them to enjoy this time away from school.

15 Fun Things Your Kids Will Enjoy Doing During Spring Break

1. Video game marathon.

If you have a gaming console at home, one of the fun things your kids will love doing is to play video games all day long. Schedule a day or a weekend where they can play video games with you or their friends. You can even up the ante a bit by organizing a tournament complete with prizes.

2. Binge-watch.

Netflix, Disney+, movies, TV shows, whatever you want. A day of just sitting in front of the TV and enjoying a nice movie or show with the family is always a fun thing to do.

3. Learn to play a new musical instrument.

Whether it be drum lessons or violin, learning how to play a musical instrument is always a fun and productive way of spending time off from school.

4. Read a new book.

Grab a copy of the latest graphic or science fiction novel and give it to your kids for them to feed their minds and nurture their imagination. This will help them develop a love for literature and reading.

5. Explore your city.

If you have not gone to certain parts of your city or town, now is a good time to make like Dora the Explorer and find out what hidden gems you’re missing in your own locality.

6. Start crafting.

Get crafty with your kids and come up with different creative things by planning for a Crafts Day. Make the necessary preparations including planning which activities to work on and buying the materials needed beforehand.

7. Dance, dance, dance!

If you have nothing better to do, why don’t you all take this time to dance all your cares away? Dance is a fun activity to do. Plus, it’s a pretty good exercise for children of all ages.

8. Get some backyard fun going on.

Pitch a tent in your backyard and camp out for the night. Throw a barbecue party with your kids’ friends. Host a pool party if you have a pool. Your backyard can be utilized for a lot of fun spring break activities.

9. Invite their friends for a sleepover.

Kids will always like sleepovers, especially if it’s with their closest friends. Give their friends’ parents a call and ask them for permission to spend the night or a weekend over for some fun and games. This way, your kids can have lots of fun even if it’s under your supervision.

10. Learn to cook a new dish.

Schedule an evening or a weekend with your family and learn how to cook a new dish together. You can even make a contest out of it if you have enough members in the family to make at least two teams.

11. Volunteer.


Teach your children the value of selflessness by giving back to the community. Volunteer to clean the neighborhood up or help the elderly folks across the street with their household chores. Sit down with the family and discuss how you can help the community and do it together.

12. Go on a foodie tour.

Hit the road and go to your favorite restaurants and food stops for a foodie tour. You may also research beforehand and hit some hole-in-the-wall shops and try their food out. Rate the restos and food as a family and share which ones you like the most and the least.

13. Earn a few extra bucks.

Spring break is a great time to be productive and earn some cash. Encourage your kids to do errands or chores for other people. Have them call folks they have previously worked with and see how they can get some part-time work while they’re on spring break

14. Visit children’s museums and theaters.

Going to museums and theaters are a good way of having your kids burn all that pent up energy while keeping it educational. Check out programs like Target Free Days for discounted or free admission to different kid-friendly places.

15. Organize a playcation with your kids.

Take this time to spend as much uninterrupted playtime with your kids. Organize a playcation with them at home sans gadgets and electronics. Help them nurture their imagination and creativity by playing with actual toys and games.

Spring break need not be expensive for you and your children to have fun. You just need to be creative, resourceful, and enthusiastic for your kids to have a great time this spring break.

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