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An Important Upgrade Notice for Schools:

Typing Adventure has been loved by wide range of grade levels and remains a favorite of students and schools around the world.

We began the journey almost a year ago to build a New tutor from the ground up that was designed specifically for schools. Using the feedback from districts and teachers with Typing Adventure, we designed an amazing New typing tutor called Typing Agent. We were also aware of how much schools enjoyed Typing Adventure and did not want to leave schools behind as we created a New world of secret agents. What we did was make the most versatile typing program in the world that gives you two completely different experiences with the click of the mouse for individual classes or grade levels. Learn to type in Agent Mode or Adventure Mode...the choice is yours! Finally you can enjoy the enormous improvements we have made and at the same time allow students to embark on a Typing Adventure expedition.

Schools and districts can get a FREE 30-day trial and see what everyone is talking about.

What Kind of Upgrades can I expect?

  • New -Now every school has unique student usernames.
  • New Individual and Class typing targets
  • Improved and New customization tools such as blocking games or customizing lessons.
  • New Innovative app style navigation tools that kids and adults are familiar with
  • Improved teacher messaging system for students
  • New Agentbook. Teachers can post questions for students in "Agentbook" to respond to with creative writing.
  • New Grade book: Student auto-grading ability. Teachers can customize a grading scale for both WPM and Accuracy scores.
  • New capability to view the last 5 student scores for each lesson and test to see progress.
  • Improved grouping of students by class and grade level
  • New and Improved reports to run and view progress.
  • New capability to see student passwords
  • New reset of student's data for a New year
  • New capability to allow students to enter their own names and passwords into the system.
  • Improved and New lessons. Lessons are laid out in logical units and with more effective key progression. We have added quick previews to view each lesson and many more lessons than Typing Adventure offers. New curriculum that can be specific to grade and skill level. Larger fonts and shorter lessons for K-3. Longer lessons and vocabulary for higher grade levels.
  • New ability to block students progress if they mistype a letter. Each letter will need to be typed correctly in order to complete the lesson.
  • Improved and New testing. Easily customize every test or use RSS feeds. Many more tests available to students than Typing Adventure.
  • New certificate printing for students.
  • New secret agent version. Not one, but two different typing worlds to choose from. Totally cool "Secret Agent" themed games and modern learning environment as well as "Adventure" mode for some traditional fun.
  • New typing games. Agent even includes a class multiplayer typing game.
  • Improved student view of their typing statistics
  • New ability to LIKE what you accomplish in typing for everyone in your class to see. and to see who else in your class is online.
  • New badges to collect with accomplishments in the tutor.
  • New characters and challenges

Typing Agent

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"North Star Academy students love it!" - Beth Smith North Star Academy Librarian

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