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Typing Adventure - FAQs

What is Typing Adventure?

Typing Adventure is an online educational keyboarding course that is unlike any other online typing course. It was started by a school technology teacher not satisfied with the current typing software. It was tested by students of different grade levels as well as with adults. It is an adventure that takes you through the jungle, sea, and desert looking for lost pieces of an ancient tablet. It includes high scores, many games, typing lessons, practices, and progress reports. In a nutshell, the most exciting and dynamic typing experience around!

What are the advantages of Typing Adventure?

Typing Adventure is a dynamic online application that changes and improves over time unlike store bought software. There is no software to install and no compatibility issues. If you have ever loaded educational software for kids, you have probably run into at least one title that had problems working on your computer. You can also access it anytime anywhere there is a broadband connection. There are multiple goals and problem solving activities that keep students and even adults engaged. This engagement will drive you to keep improving and building your keyboarding skills.

Can I cancel for any reason during my subscription and how long do I have?

Absolutely! If you are unsatisfied for any reason in the first two weeks you can get your money back.

Do I have access to everything in Typing Adventure in the free trial?

Play is limited to a few games, practices, and lessons to get a feel for Typing Adventure. So much more is available when you subscribe. You may charge your account anytime during the trial to get access to everything and start your full subscription. We want you to take your time and see all of the wonderful features before you make a final decision.

How do I get started if I am a family or individual?

Register, activate your account, and then purchase from the trial screen. The quick guide for individuals is the best place to start: Quick Guide

How do I get started if I am a school?

Contact support by filling out the form on this link: Trial page. You will get a special trial with as many students as you need to try it out. The teacher guide for schools is the best place to start: Teacher Quick Guide

What if I only have a dial-up internet connection?

Unfortunately the speed at which the files load would be minutes instead of seconds with a broadband connection. After the files are first loaded the speed does become quicker, but it is not recommended unless you have the patience of Jobe.

Do you have an offline version?

Not at this time. The original intention was to eliminate IT, compatibility problems, be able to seamlessly send information from school to home, and to be able to access it anywhere there was a broadband connection.

What is the recommended age range for Typing Adventure?

Currently the content is geared for 3rd grade on up. Adults even love it to help their typing skills with the games and typing exercises! Look for new content that will target K-2nd graders coming soon.

What is the cost?

Typing Adventure is dedicated to schools and education and will give back part of our profit to education. Currently the price is $29.95 for the year. That's right! The cost of a trip to Movies for a family of four and you get to enjoy it for an entire year.

What are the my system requirements needed to run Typing Adventure?

Click on the System Requirements for more details.
I don't see anything on the screen?
You will need to download the latest Flash player.
The video games in Tiki Bob's hut don't work.
You will need to download the latest Shockwave player.

Type. Explore. Have Fun.

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